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Beeches Performance Ensemble - Our History

Our History



Beeches Performance Ensemble has grown and developed in recent years, however it has never forgotten its roots. The marching band, which is one of Birmingham’s last remaining, was formed in 1976 by Roy Bates. It was the 68th Birmingham Boys Brigade Band which, after merging with the Girl’s Brigade, became the Beeches Ambassadors Marching Band.

They were a leading member within the British Youth Band Association performing to audiences both large and small within their local community, and competing around the country for more than 25 years. Beeches Ambassadors were British Champions in 1992.During this time, the band accepted the honour of representing Birmingham City on many occasions.

In 1999, the organisation changed its name to reflect the progression it had made within the British Youth Band Association and became Beeches Cadets. Beeches Cadets had many years of success as they continued to perform within their local community and as part of the marching organisations.

The future of Beeches Cadets was put into doubt when the organisation sadly lost Roy Bates, the founder and leader of this successful growing organisation in 2007. Not wanting the legacy that Roy had promoted to be lost Andrew Dallison, a marching member and leader of Beeches Ambassadors who had previously worked with Roy, stepped into the role and has since led Beeches Cadets to become Beeches Performance Ensemble in 2012 and progress to its current status of British Youth Band Premier Class Champions 2016, and earning 3rd place in the Drum Corps United Kingdom Championships and a very resepctable 8th Place in the European Music Games during 2017.



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